Why choose Bright Horizons?

When you join Bright Horizons you don’t just start a new job. You become a part of our family.

We believe that your potential is endless, and it is our focus around family that creates the encouraging environment where you can thrive and accomplish those things that you may have thought impossible.

Giving children and families the best possible care is at the core of what we do. But as crucial as this is, we do have a lot more to offer. So take a look for yourself and see what makes our family so special:

A Company with HEART

To understand us a little better and to see if you’re a perfect fit, it’s helpful to see what drives us every day – our HEART principles. HEART stands for:

Working with HEART at Bright Horizons

Why are these important? These values define our workplace culture, creating a supportive network around you by fostering growth, diversity and professionalism.

Our Diverse Family

When you join the Bright Horizons family, we know you will fit right in — no matter your experience or background. We want you to bring your unique personality and perspective to our families, colleagues and children in our care so your light can shine even brighter.

To help this happen, we have created a Strengths Champions programme. This programme gives you the opportunity to be a thought leader on topics you know best, and to be a role model amongst our staff by sharing that knowledge with the organisation. We already have champions in subjects including:

· Working better together

· Mental health

· Charity and volunteering

· Carers within our family

Is there a topic you want to add? When you join our team we want you bring that new idea and to champion it in our organisation.

In 2018, 90% of our employees surveyed stated that they felt they could be themselves at work, regardless of individual differences*. It is results like this that encourage us in our work to promote and support diversity in our organisation.

Great Place to Work

We believe we are a great place to work, and we work hard to achieve this every day. But it isn’t just us saying this. We are proud to have been voted a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the 14th year by the Great Place to Work Institute.

This award is a result of both an independent examination of our company’s practices and an employee survey which gives us reassurance that we continue to be a leader in providing a fantastic workplace for everyone.

Speaking further about this great accomplishment, James Tugendhat, our Managing Director said: “It means a great deal to us to know that year upon year our people feel supported, as individuals and as professionals, and that they have such pride in their work. This honour belongs to each member of our Bright Horizons family and is a direct reflection of the passion and dedication they bring to work each and every day”.

Great Place to Work 2019

We Give Back

Giving back to the families in our community is not only our responsibility, it’s what we love to do. This is why it gave us great pleasure in 2005 to establish the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

Our foundation works with community agencies to open ‘Bright Spaces’ so families undergoing crisis and living in temporary accommodation - such as domestic violence shelters or refugees centres – have a place to play, learn, and have fun and most of all, feel safe.

So when you join Bright Horizons, you can be proud to be a part of an organisation that works to leave a positive and long lasting legacy in our communities.

Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

We Have Fun!

The work you do at Bright Horizons is rewarding in itself, but we love to show our appreciation in ways you’ll love too.

We organise fun events and activities throughout the year including our Awards of Excellence ceremony, where you can nominate others and be nominated for outstanding awards across many categories.

We also hold Employee Appreciation Month every year to share our appreciation for all of our employees across all of our nurseries and support offices. This month is full of activities including team lunches, pub-style quiz events, visits from an ice-cream van and so much more!

Have a look for yourself at all of the creative ways we have fun each and every year:

Working at Bright Horizons

Want to find out about the other perks of working at Bright Horizons? Read our comprehensive benefits brochure.


We’d love to welcome you to the family, so click here to apply for your nearest job opening today. If you have any queries please call 0330 057 6059 or email europe.recruitment@brighthorizons.com.

*Results are from 3,599 Bright Horizons employee respondents in the 2018 UK Employee Experience Survey.