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I found the whole recruitment process a positive experience as after applying, I received a phone call a few days later and then got invited to an interview. Health questionnaires, reference forms and DBS checks were required to be completed but if I had any questions I could always email or phone and I would be helped.

Emails were quite frequently exchanged about what I needed to do and my next steps in the training process and I was helped when having any questions or concerns. The initial training was straightforward as it was explained and all in one place online. It was clear what was needed to be done and the Deployment team would check up on me to make sure everything was running smoothly as I also had to book onto workshops.

The first couple of weeks have been what I was expecting, I’ve really enjoyed the variety of rooms I’ve been placed in being from babies to preschool and meeting so many different staff members in different locations. After visiting the same few nurseries multiple times it’s easier to become familiar with the children, staff and setting. The staff and nursery managers have all been really helpful in making sure I’ve settled in and that if I have any questions they will be there to help which is really good when you’re going to a nursery for the first time.

The flexible working aspect of the role has really suited me as I’ve found it easy to fit working around my university studies by using the app. I am able to put my weekly availability on the app in advance up to a week minimum and by midweek I know where I’ll be going the next week which makes it easy for me to arrange transport to the setting. I’ve definitely been receiving more hours than I expected because with all the availability I’ve given, I’ve always received a shift whether it’s been an 8am-6pm or 2pm-6pm.


The initial recruitment process was straightforward, I was contacted for an informal pre-screen call and then invited to a face-to-face interview. I found the interview process itself to be a really positive experience, both interviewers were extremely friendly and reassuring and the format of a group interview, although initially a daunting concept, made me feel at ease and allowed for an engaging interaction with another candidate in a relaxed setting. The observation was again an enjoyable part of the interview process as it provided an insight into what it is like to work in a Bright Horizons nursery. Although the compliance process was long, I was regularly updated by several members of the Bright Horizons team regarding how things were progressing which I appreciated and found really helpful. 

Although the initial training was very useful and insightful, the process of completing it was somewhat complicated and the modules themselves were often tricky to navigate. However, this was mainly due to some formatting and technical issues on the website which have now been addressed. Any queries I had were answered swiftly by the deployment team whose advice and instructions were clear and a great help. 

My first couple of weeks working at the nursery have been thoroughly enjoyable and have exceeded my expectations. I have had the chance to work in babies, toddlers and preschool and each group has been a pleasure to work in. Every day is different and I have already formed close bonds with several of the children which has been really special. All the staff have been very welcoming and accommodating, offering me any advice or guidance when required and I already feel very comfortable and settled there. 

The ‘flexible working’ aspect of the role is a real bonus to the job. Being able to update your availability as and when you like is ideal and is made all the more simple by the CarerFlex app. As soon as I arrive at work I’m told which group I’ll be working with, and have been offered plenty of hours thus far!

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